John McCrocklin & Associates, Inc has been engaged with the Wimberley and Dripping Springs real estate market since 1970. Put your trust in the most experience you can obtain when buying or selling Wimberley Texas Real Estate.  
Real estate in San Marcos Texas — water properties
Dripping Springs TX real estate — Texas hill country ranch Home Dripping Springs Texas real estate, home for sale Properties McCrocklin has been selling Wimberley Texas real estate and real estate in San Marcos for 37 years Development Wimberley TX real estate has the finest water properties in the Texas Hill Country. Community McCrocklin can help you find Texas real estate if you are looking for a home for sale in Dripping Springs TX Resources Looking for an honest Dripping Springs Realtor call McCrocklin the most experienced Realtor in Texas About Us Texas Hill Country Real Estate has some of the most beautiful acreage for retirement homes, vacation homes and ranches Contact Us Real Estate in Texas hill country — water properties

We have been serving clients in Austin and the Central Texas Area since the spring of 1970. Please feel free to read what our clients have said about us and our services.

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Wimberley TX real estate has the finest water properties in the Texas Hill Country.
I have been privileged to work with you on complex real estate matters for our law firm clients for over twenty years. I am pleased to encourage any perspective owner of property to retain you to assist them in its sale or exchange. I continue to be impressed by both your attention to detail and you efforts to help each client get both full value and cost effective service for items incident to the sale such as survey and professional fees.

You truly live the by standard of let's just do what is best for the client. I have been amazed at your ability to handle very complex real estate matters with property located throughout the United States. You did a remarkable job helping a client sell an 80,000 Square foot corporate headquarters and distribution center north of Austin. You handled a like kind exchange involving ranches and an oil and gas field. You were equally attentive in helping a family sell their 100 acres that has been in their family for 100 years. What is amazing is that today you have the same level of commitment that you shared with our first client

Just recently you traveled south near San Antonio to help a widow work through some complex issues regarding building a rental outlet for a regional company. You gave your time to help this widow. Throughout the years, you have given hundreds of hours to help people when there was no possible commission for you or your firm. You mean what you say when you often remark if I share my knowledge and time the commissions will take care of them selves.

I truly encourage any owner of property to retain you to represent them for you will serve with integrity and commitment throughout the disposition process. I am just honor to tell people John McCrocklin is one of my most competent friends in the real estate industry.

John C. Blazier
Blazier Christensen Bigelow & Virr P.C.
I have known and worked with John McCrocklin for more than twelve years, working with him in the United States and Indonesia. Mr. McCrocklin most recent worth with Sampoerna was related to a 1,500 acre real estate development in East Java, Indonesia. At the time, our Company invested more than US$75million in the project. The scope of work was to conduct a site analysis of the feasibility of the development providing our Company with a detailed SWOT analysis for the project concurrent with development direction and preliminary budget figures based on relevant developments in the area.

Because there was no demographic data in Indonesia similar to the U.S. Census Bureau Mr. McCrocklin had to develop a mechanism to measure economic viability as well demand absorption. Mr. McCrocklin's approach to identifying a qualified market segment of potential purchasers was ingenious . . . .

I submit to you that in all of my years of working with Mr. McCrocklin, he has exhibited on several very challenging instances, a sense of integrity which is often sorely lacking in the real estate industry and depth of experience which proved invaluable in his work performed for our organization.

John N. Meeks
Director of Corporate Development
P.T. HM Sampoerna
Jakarta, Indonesia
I have been active in real estate development for 25 years, and during that time I have naturally encountered numerous real estate agents and brokers. Never have I enjoyed working with one more than I did John McCrocklin. John is a soft-spoken gentleman, and is a person in whom one can place complete trust. John represented the owners of a tract of land my company purchased, and he had recently accomplished a difficult re-zoning in their behalf. By working closely with us, John was able to maximize the value of his client's land, while at the same time providing my firm excellent service. John's ability to proactively represent his clients, while maintaining a friendly, working relationship with the others to the transaction, is a special gift.

Even after the transaction closed, John continued to lend his support without compensation for the benefit of our project. I enjoyed working with John so much that subsequently I have actively looked for opportunities on which we might work together again. While I have not known John a long time, I consider him a friend. I highly recommend John McCrocklin to any person or firm desiring professional real estate services in the markets John actively works - you will not be disappointed.

Michael A. Mouron
Capstone Development Corp.
Birmingham, Alabama
John accomplished an assemblage of one hundred ten acres for our proposed airplane manufacturing facility that we joint ventured with General Electric. He accomplished this task in less than three weeks. Not only did he handle the site selection, negotiations and assemblage with four different landowners but was able to assist us in locating a surveyor and environmental firm to complete the platting and phase I environmental report so we could stay on our targeted time frame. I have dealt with real estate professionals all across the country and can tell you your services were the best and most thorough we have encountered.

Art Brumett
Director of Real Estate
ROHR Industries
John McCrocklin does his homework. If he gives you advice on a real estate transaction rest assured it has been well researched and grounded by his many years of experience in all aspects of real estate transactions. In one transaction he advised me to reverse a decision I had made to pull out of the deal. His advice resulted in the best deal I made in many years.

J. David Trotter, Attorney
John, your real estate knowledge is impeccable. Whether you're dealing with a small residential lot, subdivision, vacant land, residence, apartment complex, multi-storied office building, or industrial complex you have a thorough understanding of all the real estate components and what value is or how to create it. Without your assistance of real estate, the government and the financial markets, Robert Krulwich and I would not have scratched the surface of the inside story of the mismanagement and politics in Dallas regarding the Thrift Bailout. Anyone who uses your services will never receive anything less than the highest level of knowledge, integrity, honesty and ethics regardless of what side of the real estate transaction their on. Thanks for your assistance it was immeasurable.

Glen Silber Producer, Frontline, "The Great American Bailout"
Winner of the George Polk Award
Public Broadcasting System
John McCrocklin demonstrated the highest level of knowledge and professionalism as a real estate practitioner dealing with the involved parties in our transactions. I received several letters from investors commending the detail of his work. I have nothing but the highest level of respect for Mr. McCrocklin's integrity and professionalism, and believe that Mr. McCrocklin would be a valuable addition to anyone seeking to acquire or dispose of real estate.

Paul B. Andrew, CPM
Andrew & Associates
When we decided to move to Wimberley five years ago, we engaged John McCrocklin to help us find a special place to live. We knew hardly anything about the town or the surrounding area, but John did a splendid job of introducing us to all the available house and properties that were on the market, including informative history about the area that we appreciated. Since that time, John has handled five real estate transactions for us.

We can attest that John has all the attributes of a professional: knowledge, patience, honesty, and resourcefulness. For anyone about to get involved in real estate, we highly recommend that you contact John McCrocklin.

Merrill and Gloria Whitehead
In the hustle of our way of life, I am slowing down to relate my knowledge and experience with the McCrocklin family. I met James H. McCrocklin, Big Jim, about 30 years ago and soon became aware of the vast knowledge of his profession and realized he was sharing the knowledge and business expertise with various members of his family. I soon met his son John McCrocklin and have grown to know and respect him in a great many ways. John and I became friends and I have always watched as he grew professionally and became envied and respected throughout the real estate and financial world. His integrity and intentions are unimpeachable, and sincere.

John McCrocklin is the type of individual that any person would want working with your business affairs. He will always tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear. He is a fine Christian man, loved by his family and friends, and always trying to do the very best in what he is seeking to do. He has a vast knowledge and understanding of his field of expertise and studies constantly to keep up with new rules, laws and methods affecting his clients.

Dave Slider
Thanks (John) for assisting me in completing a tax deferred exchange of my property. Not only did you successfully find 'like kind' replacement property for me but diversified my portfolio by exchanging our tract for mineral interests, single family rental properties, duplexes, four-plexes, vacant acreage tracts and a neighborhood shopping center. The amazing thing is that because of your knowledge you were able to assist me with the due diligence and complete the exchange within twenty-one days even though the assets were spread across eight different counties. Simply amazing.

Jim Ernst
John and Mark created an unbelievable customized computer based real estate system for us. As the second largest landowner in the United Kingdom behind the Royal family, we have a tremendous responsibility for oversight, which will only continue to increase in the future. One of our major problems with managing our property was responding to faults in a reasonable time period. Without a central real estate system our management and oversight was happenstance. Your knowledge of all real estate product types is what made this system for management and disposition so useful. It centralised our oversight process.

Jeremy Boyes, BSc, FRICS
British Airport Authority plc
London, United Kingdom
Let me strongly recommend you get to know John McCrocklin of San Marcos, Texas, regarding the Thrift crisis.

Mr. McCrocklin testified as an expert real estate witness to the United States House of Representatives Committee on Banking and Finance last week. At that time he presented a proposal regarding the Thrift Crisis and the plethora of real estate assets. John McCrocklin's proposal has been projected to save the taxpayers $25-50 billion dollars. It should be given serious consideration.

Charles J. Leise
Financial Progress Group
Thank you for your recent communication regarding the Internal Revenue Service Announcement 87-08.

I am happy to inform you that I circulated the letter among my colleagues, which gained a total of twenty-four signatures on the United States House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee. Attached is a copy of my letter to Secretary Baker, including the signatures of twenty-three members who co-signed the letter with me.

I am also happy to inform you that this issue has been tentatively resolved by legislation..I urge you to continue to write the members of the House and Senate tax committees, to ensure that this provision remains in H.R. 2636.I will keep you informed of our progress on this issue.

Michael A. Andrews
Member of Congress
As a past real estate sales agent in John McCrocklin's office, I can attest not only to his abundance of knowledge with regards to real estate, but also his morals, ethics and integrity as a human being. In today's real estate world, one really needs to have an agent who is honestly working in their best interest. I have had my real estate license for almost nine years and still, on occasion, call him for real estate advice. He has a great personality and is very easy to communicate with regarding real estate issues or anything else. I would strongly recommend John as a buyer or seller's agent from the simplest single-family transaction to the very complex commercial transaction.

Thomas W. Miller
Amy O'Neil is my wife's and my choice of realtors in the Wimberley area. She patiently and skillfully helped guide us through a recent transaction. Mrs. O'Neil proved to be a thoroughly knowledgeable and tireless agent during the somewhat extended time we utilized her service. She did an excellent job of following-up after the deal was finished proving her interest in the individual client.

Charlie Reynolds
I can't say enough good things about Amy O'Neil. She understood what we needed in a home (horse property). She had unflagging energy showing us homes all over the Hill Country, and she never seemed bothered by our flip-flopping. She is knowledgeable about Texas real estate issues and resources, and a tough negotiator when it came time to make an offer. Plus, she has a relaxed, down home style that we enjoyed being around.

Chuck West
Chuck West Photography
Amy O'Neil provided a superb service when I purchased my home, before, during and after the sale. I can't recommend her highly enough.

C. P. Smith
I want to recommend Amy O'Neil to anyone who is interested in getting a home or land in the Wimberley area. Amy worked with me so competently recently when I purchased some land in the area. She was kind, smart, efficient, and honest in all her dealings. Plus she was a heck of a lot of fun to work with! I have had dealings with six or eight realtors in the past few years and Amy was the best of the lot.

Lisa Owre Colb
We worked with Amy for six months from one thousand miles away over the Internet. When we finally arrived here, we had a short time to look at a whole lot of listings of mixed horse property and people property. She narrowed it down to a subset over 500 square miles that might meet our needs and over a weekend she found our (and our horses') lifetime dream home - set up the loan and made it easy to consummate from way away. After 30 years in the Air Force, We'll never move again, but if we did, we'd entrust it to Amy O'Neil.

Rick and Laurie Jansen
Amy is terrific. She will work hard and get you the best deal possible. I recommend her without any reservations.

Tita Owre
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